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Track Light Pendants make your ceiling more style

Versatile, strong, durable and an essential component of the urban landscape, concrete can be found pretty much all around us. Exposed concrete has made a small comeback of sorts in the last few years. Thanks to newfound love for industrial style and design, concrete still has found a reasonably secure place for itself.

More homeowners are willing to embrace the exposed concrete finish in the living room, bedrooms and dining rooms. But this often comes in the form of the concrete floor.

Today, we look in a completely opposite direction as we shed some light on the concrete ceiling.


Why are track lighting pendants??

-Best option for installation

In renovated industrial lofts and revamped apartments with a touch of industrial flair, the tracks fits in almost effortlessly. You don’t need to cut holes several inches wide into your ceiling.Besides, tracks can kind of be ‘hidden’ in the rafters and provide really good task lighting in addition to pendants over the island and sconces flanking the window


-Track lighting pendants are more style

Typically when you search track lighting, you find something that’s busy, clunky and dated. It gets a bad rep for being pretty generic and boring.

But, track lighting pendants can be any shades and style. A couple of simple tracks keeps things visually uncluttered. You can see how track lighting pendants that matches your ceiling is helpful and functional . Your lighting should reference your style of your house.


-An Industrial Expression

Want to move towards an aesthetic that this more industrial than modern? Then bring in other staple elements of the style along with concrete. Beautiful, track lighting pendants are perennial hit and they look even more awesome when coupled with the concrete ceiling and exposed duct pipes.

Fixtures like the track lighting pendants accentuate this style, but with a hint of contemporary finesse.


Does this post change your stance at all either way? Are you pro-track lighting pendants?

Browse our Track Light Pendant page, you may find the one you like.

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