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Pros and Cons of Battery-Powered Lighting

Designed to simplify our lives and add flexibility to our setup, Battery Operated lighting fixtures also save us time and money. We no longer have to worry about spending time running and taping down power cords, whether or not there will be enough outlets at the venue, or paying for electricity.
However, like everything else, battery-operated lighting fixtures have their pros and cons.


Operates without electricity
Some venues have a limited electrical supply and can only provide one circuit of power — and we all know this is not enough to run all of our equipment.

Install them anywhere
Freedom from cords means you can place your fixtures where you want with no need to worry about having long enough cords. Battery-operated fixtures give you flexibility to create just about any type of lighting design you can imagine.

Saves time and money
These fixtures do not require any cords so you will save a lot of time setting up, running cables and power cords. If you’re running battery-operated fixtures, you won’t have to pay the electricity fee. You can use the battery which is rechargeable so you will not have to spend money to maintain your fixture from wear and tear on cables.


Charge it
Before you leave for your gig, you have to remember to charge your fixtures. This is not something you can think about an hour before you have to leave.

Lose power linking capability
If all of your fixtures are running on battery power, you cannot power link them. Some battery-operated fixtures will include power connections and cords so you have the option to plug them in and run them electrically.

As long as you plan properly, the pros outweigh the cons by a longshot. The hardest part is remembering to charge them. Look into these fixtures and consider adding them to your rig — you’ll be glad you did.

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