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How to use LED Accent Spotlights to light up your Decor

Light up your Decor

General lighting, whether from an overhead source or through the use of table lamps, sets an overall tone for a room.
Spotlights, including uplights and below-lights, all create a visual that attracts the eye and draws the viewer toward an item. Art, statuary and even a special piece of furniture can be highlighted through the creative use of accent spotlighting.


Spotlighting Houseplants on the floor

Houseplants are three-dimensional and benefit from spotlighting. If you are limited to the number of lights you can use, place an accent spotlight behind the houseplants. For more creativity, a mini spotlight pointed upward creates “fill lighting” for the crevices and features that are not enhanced by the main spotlight. You'll love the style and comfort of your layered new look.


Highlighting Decors/Picture wall

Decors/Picture wall benefits from custom lighting placement. Hang a spotlight on the table at a 30-degree angle from the subject.
Use a low-wattage LED uplight between the light source and the decors. It is more safe than fixtures with tungsten filament bulb. making them great for lighting bookcases, artwork and more.


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