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How to turn ANY wall sconces into battery operated?

Sometimes when you live in an old house with wood and stone walls you have to think outside the box when you’re decorating.
We used to be troubled when we want to install a light fixture where there is no power supply, or do not want to rewire again.
So, we make this Battery Operated LED Puck Bulb to solve all the problems.

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Maybe you didn’t have the budget to have new lighting hardwired, didn’t want to make something permanent, or didn’t really think of placing wall lights in your home before. But with this lighting resource, you’ll be walking around your home trying to figure out where you can add lighting where you never thought was possible.

This non-hardwired sconce trick is a nice soft glow. It does not project a ton of light. If the area that you want to light up is within 12″ then yes, it will be a source of light.

You can now get beautiful sconce lamps that use LED bulbs and batteries for long-lasting illumination that doesn’t require an electrical connection.

Perfect for dark corners, elimination of extension cords, and reliable emergency lighting.

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