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Hey, Guys, Halloween’s in two days, how are you going to spend? I am so exciting to waiting for.It’s begin to turn colder these days, and we are getting towards winter, the weather for sweaters, hot chocolate, and blankets.In the cold weather, home is the warmest harbor. But think about it. When you come home from a hard terrible day, it's really a sad thing that there’s cold incandescent lighting, empty only with basic furniture and no comfortable sitting room you can immerse yourself in. That makes a bad day worse.

So, before the winter came, now is the perfect time to give your apartment a warm and inviting atmosphere to make you and your guests feel more at home. Here are some handy tips to create a cozy corner and make your apartment feel warm in the colder months.


Start building your cozy corner by setting up your base. These are your largest items that will set the tone for the space.This is the most important step, because a good base determines the quality of your private space. Here, I recommend to near the window. Because the sunlight can come in in this way, and you can enjoy your undisturbed leisure time bathing in the warm sunshine while remaining connected to the outside world.This may sound like not a big deal, but please believe me, it will greatly increase your sense of happiness. You can choose either in the bedroom or in the living room, but the kitchen is also a good choice if your kitchen has windows and enough space for the placing chair.So,set your base,and let's start to built your private realm.


Add your favorite items! A single sofa is necessary.Adding the perfect seat will makes it a great place to read a book. Use the color of your rug to help you decide which chair to go with.

Then go with the soft material carpets, blankets, pillow and Minimalism bookshelf


You might as well place a potted plant.Bring nature inside with plants and green can brighten up your space. Large leafy greenery and hanging plants are perfect, but if you want something useful try adding herb plants.Cactus and succulents are a good choice.



Good lighting is one of the most important design considerations in a home. Not only does well-placed lighting set the mood in a room, but it can also play up a warm and comfortable atmosphere. But it can be tricky to pull off. Harsh lighting can make an otherwise cozy space feel like an interrogation room. Choose soft, warm lighting.I think wireless wall sconce is a perfect choice here, you don’t have to worry about wiring and punching holes in your wall, it's easy to place anywhere you want.


These wall lamps are wireless battery, they are equipped with remote control to adjust several colors and brightness,also have timing function, you can set your time and have snap,it will accompany you to sleep and turn off automatically.

Speaking to wall sconce,i want to digress here. This is a modification I love.This is a learning field transformed from a under stairs.Place a desk, a chair, a light, and a door, and it becomes a super private area.

To me, cozy is more than just a pretty space. It is instrumental in my emotional balance, and I use each of my spaces to recharge or provide inspiration. I need these spaces to keep the creativity flowing or calm me down on a tough day. I am so thankful to have those spaces prepared ahead of time and hope that you find the same importance of finding your cozy.

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