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How do you install wall sconces without wires?

What you’ll need to install wire-free sconces:
* Sconces of your choice
* Battery/Rechargeable light bulb

1. Figure out where the sconce will go, and mount your hanger
Place the mounting plate on the wall in the spot where you want your sconce to hang. Trace around the top outer portion of the mount, and mark the area at the opening where you’ll hang the mounting plate. This will help you determine where to place the frame hanger strip.

2. Add a bulb easily
For sconces that have sockets, you can screw the bulb directly to them (they’re easily replaceable or remove to charge when power run out).

3. Add the shade
Once the sconce is up, it’s time to add the shade. Most sconces with cloth shades will be clip-on fitter shades. If your shade is attached to the sconce, you’re lucky—you’ve finished!

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