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5 Tips to Upgrade Your Rental Apartment

Decorating a rental home is a big challenge, especially with all the limitations it comes with.

However, if you see the limitations as a challenge to be inventive, no one can stop you from creating a beautiful and unique home, even if it is on rent! You can put your stamp on the living space without spending much money and without making any permanent changes.

So, how can you decorate a rental home to ensure you leave everything intact while leaving the home? Here are some easy and affordable decor ideas for your rental home:

Place a Rug
House owners often refrain from spending money on flooring, leaving ugly flooring as one of the common issues with rental properties. While you cannot get the floor refurbished, you can still make it look good by investing in area rugs.


Add More Storage Space
Many rental properties lack storage space which can make your home feel cluttered and messy. A good idea is to add furniture or accessories that can help with storage as well as making a statement.A television cabinet with storage helps create order in the home, a few small storage baskets to keep everything neat.


Bring Some Plants
Plants and flowers give an instant lift to any space so add them to your kitchen and living room. It’s clichéd to say they bring life to a room but it’s true, plus they have the bonus of helping to clean the air and remove toxins.

Built a Reading Nook
Find a space in your home where you can add a chair or bench and set it up with cozy pillows, blankets and light. Small changes to just a corner of your living space will remind you to take time for yourself.

Choose the Right Light
For renters, heavy furniture will become a burden when you are moving, so try to choose small and convenient lights. I think wall sconce is a perfect choice here for the follow reasons:
It can be installed to the places without wires.
The battery wall sconce is relatively small and light, and will not take up much space and weight when you move.

Easy to install
You don't need to make holes in the wall which is really important, because almost all landlords are unwilling to let you punch in his house.

The simple appearance is suitable for the decoration style of the general apartment, and also makes the apartment looks more spacious.


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