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3D Printing Equipment

We introduced the first 3D printing equipment on 2022/12/02.

Based on the digital manufacturing model, the lamp 3D printer can shorten the development cycle of new products, ensure the time to market of new products, and at the same time improve the ability to manufacture complex parts.

3D printing can realize product customization, innovative lamp design, improve functions and reduce costs, creating more possibilities for lighting manufacturing.

In addition, 3D printing customized lighting only needs to be designed by computer, and then shared with the network to the local manufacturing site for printing. There is no need to manufacture lamps around the world, which minimizes production costs.

We will continue to provide customers with more and more creative products through high-tech means. If you need, you can provide CAD drawings and send them to our mailbox , and we can customize the products you want for you. Currently we support printing, resin, nylon, ABS, PLA and other materials.

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