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3 Tips to Light a Loft in a Vintage Style

Lofts are particularly sought after because of their high ceilings and open floor plans. Natural light can go through the windows and provide enough brightness. 

The abundance of free space is very popular amongst young, creative people. Brick walls, open wiring, wooden beams, vintage pieces in combination with unique, modern details – these are all defining characteristics of an industrial loft style. It also frequently used in downtown restaurants and bars.

1. Track Light Pendants will be your Best Choice

Install fixtures on tracks using cables and special fasteners. They can effectively emphasize elements such as metal panels, brick walls, graffiti or printed photographs. Track lighting is an easy solution to install in a loft, and will scatter extra light around the large space.

2. Connect Many Lights to One Junction Box

The concept of connecting several lights to one main junction box via hanging wires in a fabric braid has become increasingly popular amongst interior designers. These types of fixtures solve the problem of limited connection outlets and poor junction box positioning, while adding an aesthetically pleasing accent to the space.

3. Don’t Forget About Table Lamp

Loft styles are characterized by extremes – choose either an antique-inspired fixture or an ultra-modern piece that will contrast the interior space.

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