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About us

We are a lighting fixtures factory founded in 2009. And since 2015, we transited from standard batch production to customized production.

We offer retail and bulk customization order.


Why to customize?

You need to consider the ceiling height for a pendant, also the reserved electric wire for a wall lamp.

We make it more easy to install a lighting fixture, and customize cord length as you need.

One item can be also customized.


Who we service?

Interior designer

Home decor store

Lighting store

Building supplier

Gift shop

Individual user


What we can do for you?

  1. Pendant Light

We have many choices of different styles, match all your interior designs.

* 3 ways of installation: Hardwired/ Plug-in cord/ Track adapter.

* Customized cord length for ANY pendants: We offer standard cord length. Of course we can make it specified if you need.


  1. Wall Light Decor & Outdoor Lighting

Most of our clients did not reserve the electric wire for the additional wall lamp. Our LED battery operated wall lamp can't provide much brightness, but can be easy to install.

You can add light anywhere you like with our fixtures. Perfect for festival party decor, travel and any other corners.




Nunu Lighting